Stay on top of the job

Suppose we start working together. Then we both have an interest in staying on top of whatever we are doing. You want to stay on top of the solution, the deadline and the budget. We want to use the right technology, build future-proof and with quality. Therefore, every project has fixed process steps. This way, everyone has something to hold on to, while we can still keep up the pace together.

Project Management

You will have a regular project manager. We clearly agree on roles and responsibilities in advance. Consultations will always be joined by a Capteur consultant and technical specialist. Together we work towards the champagne moment in a number of fixed process steps.


  1. Coffee | Inventory of your needs
  2. Quote & customized advice
  3. Development phase with structural consultations
  4. Test and acceptance phase with demo of your solution
  5. Firmly tying up loose ends
  6. Champagne | Delivery to production!

Do you have a more-than-difficult issue? Feel free to call!


Agile & Scrum

Software development is a process that is difficult to detail from A to Z in advance. However, you want to stay on top of the solution, the quality and the budget, which is why we use agile or scrum methods. Agile means flexible. Scrum is a term from rugby. In practical terms, this means that we keep a grip on things with fixed structures and process agreements and ensure an effective working style. We have the ability to target quality during the project, while the client stays in control of the budget, deadline and solution.