.NET Core

With .NET Core you can develop all kinds of applications, because it works on all kinds of platforms, not just Windows. It is an independent open-source framework that continues to innovate and expand. It is made for the cloud, for example for Azure, but also for Amazon and Google services.

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Data is key. That’s what everyone says. But we like to add the subtle distinction that data is only the key to solutions if it can also be searched, analyzed and represented in an understandable way. For that we use the open-source solution Elasticsearch, which consists of three applications: Elasticsearch (analysis), Logstash (collection) and Kibana (visualization).

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Why do you want to build an application? If you have an answer to that question, we can advise you on which programming language to use. Each language has different functionalities. Java, for example, is popular for apps and platforms, also because Google introduced it as the official language for Android apps.

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Azure Solution Design

Do you temporarily need a developer with Azure Solution specialty to scale your project or meet a deadline? More and more is and can be done digitally, surely also in your organization. With Azure solution design, applications can be better scaled to more data and higher peak load. In addition, Azure also helps you maintain focus on efficiency and security.

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The best software solution: now and in the future. As far as we’re concerned, that should be the outcome of every project. If you opt for effective project management, we will also stay within your budget and the set deadline. We will support you with advice and assistance. Enabling you as the client to stay on top of any job.

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