Extra kracht

Additional strength

– Software engineer: Java, .NET Core or Elasticsearch

– Cloud engineer: Azure, DevOps, Architecture

– Network & Security engineer: security first

– DevOps engineer: test, improve, accept, deliver

– Scrum masters & Agile coaches: facilitate your team

– Project leaders: stay on top of your project

p op uw project

Working with us... Works!

As far as we are concerned, ‘nerd’ is an honorary title. They are the lifeblood of our organization and contribute all the knowledge you need for your projects. Our nerds know what to do, pay attention to details and, above all, build software that works. Our specialists not only program, they also explain to you in plain language what they make, why and how. They all respond and anticipate practically and quickly. We contribute ideas and provide advice and assistance. That’s secondment in development at Capteur. Who would you like to borrow from us?


We work together for and with...

National and international organizations, both large and small. We are also extremely proud to be able to call one of the world’s largest data centers a regular client. But above all, we are proud of our Groningen roots and the clients in the area. Development and programming is done by people. We deliver the best results to clients who have clear goals. Above all, for us, secondment in development is: ‘wanting to work on your software’.

Do you have a more-than-difficult issue? Hire us!

Scaling up your projects with

Secondment in development

With secondment in development from Capteur, you get people who know what they are doing. From project manager to developer. You get help designing your automation: architecture. We bring your people, information and activities together on portals or platforms, and link your software to user-friendly API Management. In short, we make your software and systems accessible, scalable and flexible. How can we second our developers?

Onze Specialties?

Our specialties? Secondment in development?
Our developers work with .NET Core, .NET6 and Java,
as well as with Azure Solution Design and ElasticSearch.
Well… & they play pool too.