Portal vs Platform

A portal or platform is usually secured behind a password and is often linked to personal data. On a portal you arrange your business online with a single party, while on a platform you are more of a participant, together with other participants. Portals and platforms centralize processes, functionalities and information, which can be accessed and used by several people at the same time. Ask us about the possibilities and details!

Advantages | Portal or Platform

A customized portal or platform enables users to perform tasks more easily. Your customer satisfaction will increase, as will your time savings and therefore your enjoyment!

A portal improves your information provision: to customers, to suppliers or to your own employees. This increases turnover and reduces costs at the same time.

Your data and insight improve. Connecting an application to a system or database enables you to share and adjust information more easily.


Your custom portal

You can log in on your own portal if you want to view invoices from your phone provider, change your insurance or arrange something online using your DigiD. But portals are also ideal for e-learning, web shops with login or employee apps. Portals ensure automated processes, less telephone customer contact and also often improved customer loyalty and more efficient and effective collaboration. We build your customized portal with personalized details, links to ERP, CRM or financial systems, and real-time interfaces.


Platform with participants

A platform is more extensive in use and functionality than a portal. Examples of platforms are Ebay and Airbnb, but also Facebook or Etsy. We have created customized platforms for several companies. A platform visitor or participant can use all kinds of functionalities and view data through a single interface. Users then collectively form a kind of organism where people work together, trade and communicate. Inquire about the possibilities for a customized platform!

Specific wishes? Contact us!

Streamline your processes with software that fits.

A custom made Platform or Portal

We bring your people, information and activities together on a customized portal or platform. We connect your software with user-friendly API Management. We do this on the basis of good advice, or consultancy, and a realistic blueprint: architecture. This will help you eliminate manual and paper-based processes, impenetrable data, and incompatible software. In short, we make your software and systems accessible, scalable and flexible. What would you like us to do for you?

Our specialities?

A custom portal or platform build with .NET Core, .NET6 or Java
Also Azure Solution Design and Elasticsearch are part of your solution!