Consultancy | Cloud & Architecture

Would you like us to structure and possibly migrate your software? Looking forward to it! But we do need some time to familiarize ourselves with the domain. We immerse ourselves in existing processes, systems, functionalities and infrastructure. We conduct a data and process analysis. The result: transparent automation advice with corresponding architecture, cloud solutions and an investment proposal. This is what we call: solid consultancy.

Cloud | Migrate your business...

Cloud solutions scary? Not at all! Moving your data, software and processes to the cloud is more secure, more sustainable and more efficient than keeping your systems in-house. With Capteur consultancy and cloud solutions, you can choose from Microsoft Azure solutions that offer you the best possible infrastructure. All scalable, solid, and made to measure. Rely on our consultancy in your decision to migrate everything to the cloud or opt for a hybrid solution: partly in the cloud and partly at your own location.


Azure & Architecture

Is your organization approaching its maximum IT capacity? Get advice. We know how to design, set up and connect Azure web apps, so you don’t have to worry about database management, connections and networking. After inventory, advice, testing and realization, you are assured of automatic backups and improved management and security. Plus, you only pay for what you use and always keep up with the latest developments.

Do you have a more-than-difficult issue? Feel free to call!

Streamline your software management with

Consultancy & Cloud Solutions

Do away with manual and paper-based processes, impenetrable data, and incompatible software. This can be much improved. And much more often than you think. With Capteur customized development, you get advice based on inventory: consultancy. You’ll get help designing your entire automation: architecture. We bring your people, information and activities together on portals or platforms, and link your software with user-friendly API Management.

In short: we make your software and systems accessible, scalable and flexible. What would you like us to do for you?

Our specialties?

Programming with .NET Core, .NET6 or Java and also development
with Azure Solution Design and Elasticsearch.
Well… & also pool.