API | Link your systems

Effective API Management helps you link systems so that your applications are aligned more properly. Moreover, your software will be scalable and so will your business processes. APIs can be built to be reusable and manageable. This means that your software is flexible, easier to maintain and more efficient and therefore future-proof.

Custom API Management

Create added value. Have external parties connect to your APIs and build a system of smoothly overlapping applications around your service provision.

Increase your sales. Link systems and data and make them usable and accessible through an interface. That way, you’re bound to find new revenue models.

Save costs. API Management centralizes all systems. This ensures that complexity is reduced, resulting in less code and maintenance and therefore less cost.


API Management | Example

Book a flight. When you search for a flight online, you choose a destination, an arrival and departure date, plus there are all sorts of other options. All this information comes from one or more databases of one or more airlines. In order for the desired information to be visible and user friendly, the API, or interface you are looking at, must make contact with the airline system or systems at each step of the process.

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Link your systems with

Custom API Management

Link your software and systems with user-friendly API Management. Do away with manual and paper-based processes, impenetrable daimmta, and incompatible software. This is possible much more often than you think. With development from Capteur, you get advice based on inventory: consultancy. You’ll get help designing your entire automation: architecture. We bring your people, information and activities together on portals or platforms, and of course with API Management.

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