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Customized software development eliminates manual and paper-based processes, impenetrable data, and incompatible software.This is possible much more often than you think. At Capteur, you get advice based on inventory: consultancy. You’ll get help designing your entire automation: architecture. We bring your people, information and activities together on portals or platforms, and link your software with user-friendly API Management.

In short: we make your software and systems accessible, scalable and flexible. Opt for our customized software development. What would you like us to do for you?

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Capteur's knowledge & skills

A selection of our techniques


.NET Core

An open-source framework for all kinds of applications


Search, analyze and visualize your data.


The seminal programming language for your app or platform.

Azure solution design

Here's how to give your application a higher peak load

Project Management

Stay on top, remain within budgets and meet deadlines

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Well read..! That, too, is one of our specialties

Want to make your organization work more efficiently?

Customized software development helps you get rid of morass-like processes, impenetrable data, and incompatible systems.